note: i rib on basically everybody and everything in this site, so don't be insulted, it's all in good fun

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You've probably noticed a fundamental change in the Ben Fan Club desperate attempt to recruit new members,we've completely altered ou image, throwing a little bit of everything inside, trying to please everyone, and slappin on the label "abstract phase." So enjoy  


Due to deviced beyone my control, this section has been removed. I know. I was sobbing as well.

Ok. Now onto the real know whats awesome? South park. man i love southpark. as a result, ive decided to make this video as an homage to south park. and even if south park sues me for this, i'l still love south park.

People who are awesome for liking South Park People who suck for not liking South Park

South Park Image

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The Ben Fan Club Board

The people who are on this flash are those who supported my first fan club by giving a damn. Sorry for those of you who have discovered the fan club since its change, and for those who knew of my old fan club's existence, it's your problem, you knew how to get on the board, and u didnt.



Missing the old Ben Fan Club???
Want to experience the original, critically acclaimed site????
Of COURSE you are/do.
So go check it out.
The Original Ben Fan Club

sorry i had nothing to write here so i just kinda left it blank. even geniuses run out of ideas eventually

Since this is still a ben fan club, i guess we (i) better make a little section about ben. SOOOOOOOOOO. This is the little section we like to call: about ben

In order to answer the countless stories and myths about ben, we've created a mythbusting table. on the left on the myth, and on the right is the affirmation or correction of that myth. affirmation. big word.

Story/Myth Affirmation/Correction
Chuck Norris once beat Ben up Ben doesn't like to talk about that
Ben once sat through 5 episodes of the view Yes, Ben accomplished this feat with the aid of 15 gallons of Gatorade. And some adrenaline
Ben can play guitar Like a mastaaaaahhhh
Ben wrote the code to the original fan club After spending a few weeks studying HTML, Ben somehow came up with the genius idea to create a fan club and did indeed write the code. Oh come on. Like you would've come up with that.

Ben has lived in 3 cities in 2 different continents



INDEED. He was born in NY, capital of everything, which accounts for his fabulous fasion sense and, well, everything else. He then moved to geneva, switzerland, which accounts for his fabulous "swissyness" and where he learned to speak "Switzerlandish" Then, after spending 12 years of his life in 2 of the best cities in the world, he moved to milwaukee, WI, a decision that still baffalls scholars the world 'round.
Ben has planned his every move from 3rd grade on in order to build up a fantastic resume and get into a great college while not really enjoying half the things he does. Not true. Ben has decided that he would rather lead a more fulfilling life doing activities he enjoys. He believes that if he choses the right activities for him, he will get into a college that is right for him. And he also believes that resume builders should go throw themselves off a cliff.

OK, enough about Ben


Cool People

Cool People


god! Idiot!


"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist....and then...he's gone."


smart dude

"Screw you guys, im going home."

By far my favorite south park character

Tim-Berners Lee. My hero: Underestimated, unknown, but changed the world forever, worked in Switzerland, etc.... Man, this guy has it all! People who don't know who he is shouldn't be allowed the privelage of looking at this site, or any other site for that matter. Yup. That means no MySpace. I can just hear those emo kids: NOOOOOOOO!
You know, I've met a lot of freaky people throughout my life, but i would have to say that republicans top my list. I mean seriously. Take a look at the monkey-faced idiot on the right who leads our nation. Republicans support this guy. I know, i didn't believe it either, but apparently it's true. Anyway, these people believe that a little book written by a bunch of dudes should frame the way we lead our nation. Keep in mind this little book was written over 5000 years ago. Now i'm by no means dissing the bible here, im just dissing the people who cannot make the distinction between church and state. But hey, if they think that ending the existence of a 1 week old, unconscious embryo in order to save the life a a person is murder, well then i guess that's their thing. But im allowed to my opinion, and i think that sucks.

Here's what i really don't get about Republicans. They say that abortion should be outlawed because it's the murder of a living cell, that the living cell is dying. But what about when you spit, or pick your nose, or pick off a scab, or bite your cuticles, or lose your hair, or smack some chick, or whenever you bleed. Should that be outlawed too? because i'm pretty sure cells are dying in those situations also. Good point, huh. I actually came up with that one myself. I should be president. See below. = the best e-mail address in the universe